TMNT Gloves

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I don’t know about you but at our house everything is about superheroes and costumes. My boys basically live in their many costumes. I actually love it though. I think it is so fun! They have a blast and everyone is happy. Sometimes they don’t even need a full costume, just some fun little fingerless gloves like these! 

Growing up in the late 80s- early 90s the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were a big deal. Maybe I wouldn’t think so if I didn’t have a brother who loved them but I remember enjoying watching the show and playing with the action figures. Leonardo was always my favorite, although I thought Mikey was so funny. I am definitely not a fan of some of the more recent iterations and animations. The original show (and live-action movie) are still the best! We have original series on DVD and that’s what the boys like to watch. After having made a few other styles of superhero gloves for the boys (I do count the Ninja Turtles as superheroes) they asked to be turtles and I came up with these. It took the little one a while to figure out how to put two fingers in each side of the glove but he got it eventually. πŸ™‚ 

These are so much fun for them to play in and pretend! 

PDF Download available at the bottom of this post! πŸ™‚


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TMNT Gloves for Kids

Supplies Needed:

Worsted Weight (4) Yarn in Dark Green, Red, Blue, Purple, and Orange

Tapestry Needle

H/8 5.0mm Hook

Stitches Used:


SS-Slip Stitch

SC-Single Crochet

HDC-Half Double Crochet

FHDC-Foundation Half Double Crochet

DEC- Half Double Crochet Decrease

Starting with the Cuff

1) Ch 9, SC in 2nd chain from hook, SC 7 across, Ch 1, turn (8)

2-22) In BLO SC across, Ch 1, turn (8)

23) Bring ends together, SS to the beginning chain to make a cuff, turn the cuff inside out so that the slip stitch seam is on the inside. 

Note: From here on, you’ll begin each round with a Ch 2 (unless noted) and end each with a SS to the first stitch of the round. Chains do NOT count as stitches.


1) (going evenly around the edge of the cuff) 2SC, SC in next 10, 2SC, SC in next 10 (24)

2) HDC 2, DEC, HDC in next 10, DEC, HDC in remaining 8 (22)

3-5) HDC in each around (22)

6) HDC 2, 2HDC, HDC in next 10, 2HDC, HDC in remaining 8 (24)

7) HDC 3, 2HDC, HDC in next 11, 2HDC, HDC in remaining 8 (26)

Follow the next 2 rounds for the left hand

8-LEFT) HDC 6, Ch 3, Skip 5, HDC in remaining 15 (21 HDC, 3 Ch, 5 Skipped)

9-LEFT) HDC 6, HDC 3 into Ch-Space, HDC in remaining 15 (24)

Follow the next 2 rounds for the right hand

8-RIGHT) HDC 15, Ch 3, Skip 5, HDC in remaining 6 (21 HDC, 3 Ch, 5 Skipped)

9-RIGHT) HDC 15, HDC 3 into Ch-Space, HDC in remaining 6 (24)

Continue from here on for both hands

10-11) HDC in each around (24)

The next 2 rounds create the first “finger”. You’ll reattach to finish the second “finger” in Rounds 12B and 13B.

12) HDC 2, Skip 12, HDC in next 10 (12 HDC, 12 unworked stitches)

13) HDC in each around (12) 

Finish Off, Weave in Ends

12B) Rejoin yarn to unworked stitches, HDC in each around (12

13B) HDC in each around (12)

Finish Off. Weave in Ends. (If you notice a significant gap between the two      “fingers” you can use the tail of yarn to stitch it closed.)


1) FHDC 45 (enough to go around the glove twice) Ch 1, turn

2) HDC in each across. (45) Leave a long tail for sewing.

Wrap the tie around the wrist of the glove (at the top of the cuff) and sew into place.

Make a pair and then get ready for some Cowabunga action! 

Pattern and PDF updated 7/16/17 .


Download the PDF copy of this pattern HERE.

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