About Me

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Hi there! I’m Erin, the ringleader behind Auburn Elephant.

I’m a wife and mother and bit of a geek. I’d rather stay home in my comfy pants than put on jeans and venture out into the real world. But I do also enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking or golfing or watching the kids play at the park. I’m a bit of a contradiction.ย ย 

I love crochet, if that wasn’t obvious. I started this blog with the sole intention of sharing patterns and tutorials that I know I was looking for when I started. It has evolved, as most things do, to start being more patterns that you can use.

Patterns that are quick for those last-minute gift givers. “Oh man, my kid got invited to a party this weekend, I need a present to make fast!”

Patterns that are profit-minded for those crafters who sell their work. Amigurumi was always one of my best sellers at craft shows but I always felt like I wasn’t getting enough profit based on the time they took. I’m hoping that some of the patterns here will change that.ย 

There’s a few other things thrown in (and lots of my older patterns are pretty random) because I am easily distracted by new ideas and challenges.ย 

I hope you are able to find some benefit from my site and enjoy what you find. I hope that you are just as in love with the yarn arts as I am and that we can connect in a positive way. This world needs more positive connections. Yarn is a great way to tie us all together! ๐Ÿ™‚ (So cheesy. lol)

Please reach out if you ever have any questions or comments or just want to share your projects or stories. I would LOVE to hear from you!ย 

Be sure to also follow Auburn Elephant on social media, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. I also have pattern downloads available on Ravelry and Etsy.ย 

Thank you so much for coming by and reading a little about me!

Happy crocheting!