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I am pretty late to the game but I finally got around to trying the Caron Cakes yarn from Michael’s. I bought a skein a few months ago when I saw it on sale but couldn’t decide what to do with it. I saw this pattern from Make & Do Crew and thought I’d try it out. I generally don’t like the color changing variegated yarn. It has it’s uses, of course but I’m really not a fan. (Although, I am kind of in love with the color pooling trend…)Β 

The Caron Cakes though is much different. It’s color changes are long. Like, looong. So you actually get chunks of color instead of the little clumps and mixed up confusion of other color changing yarn. I also really love the color combos that are available.  I’m terrible about deciding what colors go together. I’ll spend an hour staring at my yarn stash (or the yarn aisle) and kind of feel overwhelmed by all the options. I’m also not that bold to put the gold, brown, and blue together like in the Royal Icing Caron Cakes that I picked up. But it so works. Maybe I should be looking to these as inspiration too!


The scarf turned out super cute! I love the triangle design and think I might have to come up with another one like it. It seems like it will be warm as well. I haven’t needed to try it out yet since we are having an unseasonably warm February. I added little tassels to mine at each of the ends. I’m loving tassels lately and there was enough of the skein left to do it. 

If you haven’t tried it out yet, you definitely should! 


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