Rows of Bows Hat

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After a successful use of this “bow” stitch in blanket form (pattern here) I just had to give it a go on a beanie. I think it’s a super cute and easy way to jazz up a simple hat!  You can use alternating colors or a solid color. I’m even thinking rainbow colors with white bows would be crazy adorable! 


A couple of disclaimers: This pattern is intended for personal use only. You are welcome to use the pattern to make and sell products, to keep for yourself, or to give away as gifts. I would appreciate receiving credit and a link back to the site, however. Please do not republish or distribute the pattern in any way, or use my photos in your listings. 

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I hope you enjoy this crochet pattern. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below OR email me at OR through the contact page on this site. I’d also love to see your finished creations! πŸ™‚

Rows of Bows Beanie

Supplies Needed:

I Love This Yarn, Medium Worsted Weight 4 (100% Acrylic, 355 yds, 7 oz) 1 or more color(s), 1 skein each

I/9 5.5mm Hook

Tapestry Needle-to weave in ends

Stitches/Terms Used:

Ch- Chain

Sl st- Slip stitch

SC- Single Crochet

DC- Double Crochet

DC3TOG- Decrease over 3 DC, *Yarn over, insert hook into next, yarn over, pull through, yarn over, pull through 2 loops* Repeat from * to * 2 more times, Yarn over, Pull through remaining loops to finish decrease.

FPDC- Front Post Double Crochet, worked like a regular DC but you will go around the post of the next stitch from front to back


Hat is worked in rows. Except where specified, each row will begin with a Ch 1.

Ch 32

1) In 2nd from Hook, SC across. (31)

2) SC in each across (31)

3) Ch 4, DC3TOG, *Ch 2, DC3TOG* Repeat from * to * until last SC. DC in last. (10 DC3TOG, 1 DC)

4) Ch 3, 3 FPDC around the center of the DC3TOG. Repeat 3FPDC across. DC in beginning chain of Row 3. (30 FPDC, 1DC)


Photo steps for Rows 3 and 4.

5-8) SC in each across. (31)

9-46) Repeat Rows 3-8 until you have 8 rows of bows.

47-48) SC in each across. (31)

Continuing from the last stitch, SC around the raw edge.

When you get around to the other end (the starting chain side) fold the rectangle in half with the right sides together. Sl st join the short ends together. Once at the opposite end, turn hat out so that the right side is now facing you. SC around raw edge. SC around twice more (so 3 rows of SC form the brim). Finish off.


Take a length of yarn on your needle and from the wrong side of the hat, sew the top end of the hat shut. Going in and out around the edge and then pulling tight like a drawstring. Then I usually stitch across the opening a few times and tie off, weaving the ends in well.


You can leave the top as is, or add a pom pom, or even another bow! πŸ™‚


Rockin’ It! LOL

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