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When I was in high school I have a vivid memory of a classmate making fun of and laughing at the way I ran. Teenage girls can be pretty awful to each other. But this memory haunted me for a long time to the point where I pretty much refused to run (usually citing knee pain, which wasn’t entirely made up but was not as bad as I made it seem). So for most of my life I haven’t even attempted running/jogging/anything faster than a walk. I always wanted to be a runner though, I was just too self-conscious about it. 

As I’m getting older I’m getting to the point where I don’t care quite as much about what people (i.e. strangers) think about me. Judgement generally reflects more on them than it does on you. And I’m in a place where the people in my life that I care about and who love me back aren’t negative. Friends who bring you down are NOT friends. I have amazingly supportive people in my life, even if there aren’t that many of them. Quality matters over quantity. 

The point of all of that backstory was I have been trying to run. I realized a lot of that knee pain that I used to use as an excuse was really due to poor form and cheap shoes. I bought quality running shoes and really focused on my technique and running became a lot more enjoyable. Okay, enjoyable might be a strong word. Tolerable. Doable. Something like that. 

We joined the YMCA when we moved to Kansas City and I decided that I was going to really work on getting into shape so that I could finish some 5k runs and eventually one of the big obstacle course runs. I did a lot of running over the summer and fall. I did complete a few 5ks, not in any sort of good time but I did finish. The winter wasn’t great though. It started becoming once every couple of weeks and that’s just not enough. A friend and I signed up to do a Warrior Dash at the end of April and I’m trying really hard to get in enough shape that I can finish that obstacle run and not die along the way. 


So I’ve been running at the gym. I much prefer running on the track rather than the treadmill. I feel a little more accomplished when I can actually feel myself covering a distance. I also feel like the mileage is more accurate. Something that I struggle with on the track though is keeping track of my laps. At our gym, it takes 9 laps to make a mile. I can never remember which lap I’m on. My Fitbit Charge gives me a general idea but I think that my step length isn’t right so it’s not as accurate (yes, I know I can change it but every time I’ve tried seems to make it worse). I’ve been trying to think of a way to keep count without having to hold something in my hand, like the little clickers I’ve seen some people carry. And, of course, any time I think about making something new I go to a crochet-version.  

I whipped up this little bracelet/bead combo to try out. 

I have used it a few times. It does what it should and I really didn’t find it as annoying on my hand as I was worried I would. I did still have trouble remembering to move the beads, which is my own fault and not the bracelet’s. 


A couple of disclaimers: This pattern is intended for personal use only. You are welcome to use the pattern to make and sell products, to keep for yourself, or to give away as gifts. I would appreciate receiving credit and a link back to the site, however. Please do not republish or distribute the pattern in any way, or use my photos in your listings. 

I am not a robot, so if you find any typos, errors, or places that need clarification, please let me know so that I can fix my mistakes or explain things differently. πŸ™‚

I hope you enjoy this crochet pattern. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below OR email me at OR through the contact page on this site. I’d also love to see your finished creations! πŸ™‚

Lap Counting Bracelet

Supplies Needed:

Cotton Yarn (such as Lily Sugar ‘N Creme)

H/8 5.0mm Hook

Beads (how many depends on what you are wanting to count, I used 9)

Stitches Used:

FSC- Foundation Single Crochet

SC- Single Crochet

Ch- Chain

SS- Slip Stitch

1) FSC 19 (Or as many as you need to go around your wrist comfortably. I have smallish wrists and wanted mine to be snug.) Ch 1, turn.

2) SC across. CH 1, turn.

3) SC across. Ch 5, SS to the end of the first FSC row (over the short end, makes the loop to go around your button.)

Sew Button on to the other side. 

Cut a length of yarn (long enough to reach from one side of your wrist to the other going over between your fingers) and attach to the top of the bracelet (I put mine near the button loop, but you can try yours on and adjust as needed). I attached mine with a simple knot and weaved in the short end. Thread on however many beads you need. I needed 9 beads, since that’s how many laps it takes to make a mile at my gym. (I used some wooden beads that I had left from another project but I think the plastic ones would probably slide easier.)


Here, you should try on the bracelet and place the beaded string where you want it to go over your hand. I’m doing mine in between my middle and ring fingers. And measuring out a comfortable tension attaching the loose end to the other side of the bracelet. I went about 9 sc from where I attached the other end. Yours might be different based on where you started and where you want the string to be. Tie the loose end onto the bracelet. Weave in any ends that are loose and there you go!

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